Rupture and Flow: The Circulation of Technoscientific Facts and Objects

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures
Indiana University, Bloomington

Postdoctoral Fellowship


Eric Deibel

Eric Deibel is the postdoctoral fellow for the Seminar. He received his Ph.D. in science and technology studies from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2009 on the introduction of 'open source in the life sciences.' Most examples of open source are found in those sub-disciplines of the life sciences that are moving to the forefront along with the translation of genetic materials into formats that are amendable to information technologies. He is particularly interested in the changing ideas about the objects of ownership in sub-disciplines like systems biology and synthetic biology, their possible implications for patenting as well as the ownership of genetic resources (seeds, biodiversity, traditional knowledge etc.). Deibel has written several articles, book chapters and papers on these themes and was invited to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010. At IU he will continue to pursue his research interest in science and technology studies, intellectual property law and political philosophy.